He sees me…

June 30, 2011

As I sat on the train with Arianna, she smiled and commented on the things we were passing.  Every now and then she would say something to Thomas – the train we were riding.  It was completely adorable.  In reality, we were about 10 passenger cars back from Thomas the Train.  Even if he was alive and capable of listening, he would not be able to hear my daughter telling him about the farms and cows we were passing.  Yet, she persisted and in delight babbled for the full 20 minutes of our ride. 

Following the train ride, we walked to down to Thomas for some pictures.  Thomas was, of course, being swarmed by a throng of three and four-year-olds.  Some were screaming ‘THOMAS’ at the top of their lungs.  Others were jumping up and down just to get a glimpse of the large, blue train with a smiling face.  Parents were trying to chorale their children into the line being formed for overpriced ‘Pictures of Thomas’.  A group of boys was eagerly pushing their way to the front so they could touch him. 

I looked at my precious daughter who calmly held my hand and looked up at Thomas with wonder in her face. 

Do you want to see him closer or go up and touch him, honey?

I asked her the question twice, the second time around she responded with:

No, He sees me.

In that moment, with pulsing enthusiasm all around us, I felt a stillness come over the two of us.  As she ‘basked’ in the presence of Thomas, I was struck by her ability to tune the rest of the world out and focus on him.  I was also moved – by the Holy Spirit.

I looked at my child, staring in awe, and realized the value God found in this moment.  Certainly, she was not worshipping God at that moment, but there was a glimpse of her potential, her destiny.  While others were frantic to get a glimpse of him, to touch him, to memoralize the moment with an overpriced picture – my daughter was simply content to be in his presence. 

And then her words hit me with an even greater impact. 

He sees me.

I smiled and tears filled my eyes as I felt the presence of God rush over me. 

He sees me.

We don’t have to be elaborate to get His attention.  We don’t have to wait in line.

He sees us.

Certainly, we all have different ways of relating to Him.  There is nothing wrong with those trying to touch Him in the crowd or those waving their arms at Him.  As long as they know that He sees them. Our ways of relating to Him are unique as those found in that vibrating crowd.  And He sees each of us. 

Which brings me to my little guy, whom the world views as odd.  My little guy who has trouble relating to others.  My greatest worry through all of this has been how his relationship with God will unfold – whether it will unfold.  In that moment with my daughter and Thomas the train, I knew something without a doubt.

God sees him.

The stillness and peace, the wonder I was feeling at that moment is all possible for Evan.  And guess what?

He sees you too.