What He Wants to Write

September 16, 2011

Its pretty incredible that in February I started out to write a blog about the things going on with Evan. I wanted our friends and family to keep up-to-date and understand how we were feeling.  Since then, I have posted over 25,000 words up here!

In July, something really shifted though. People that I hadn’t talked to in years started sending me facebook messages about how touched they were. Literally, everyday people were encouraging me with their responses. Driving home from work one night, I was praying for a girl that graduated with my brother, who is seven years older than me. She had reached out to say that  she had ‘gotten just what she needed’ that morning from my blog!  And then, I prayed this widly adventurous prayer…

“God, I would just really like to write a book for You.  You could say whatever You want to, especially about Autism, and it would just give You so much glory.”

Two weeks later, I sat talking with a fabulous guitar player at our church and his wife.  After raising their children, his wife had returned to college as a freshman. Today, she is a physician.  He started telling me about their home and that they were renovating it. Then, he said, “Be careful what you pray for you, because He’ll give it you. No, seriously, I look back at the things we prayed for and – WOW, its all come true!”

Seven chapters or 152 pages later, I’m staring at my book and trying to decide what to put on my blog and what to put in the book. 

What He Wants to Write…


2 Responses to “What He Wants to Write”

  1. lyndsay said

    You have so much creativity and passion for your family that I am sure that your endeavours, though they me be hard and at times you will stop and cry because they are all so overwhelming, will be fulfilled in ways you haven’t thought of. Best of luck.

  2. That is FANTASTIC, Ash! You must talk with Matthew sometime! He just finished his big novel and is in the process of sending it to publishers 🙂 I’m sure he’d love to help out or just encourage. Best of luck!

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