The Ups and Downs

February 23, 2011

Yesterday, I was so offended.  I was focusing on what God was not doing for me.  Its just plain silly to do this.  I have never once experienced joy and encouragement in the presence of the Lord when I complained.  It just doesn’t happen when you are bemoaning the tide of things in your life.

In Matthew 11, John the Baptist is in prison and he sends some of his disciples to ‘make sure’ Jesus was the One.  John spent his whole life preparing the way for Jesus.  So much so that when he saw Jesus on the banks of the river, he knew immediately that He was the One.  He didn’t need a miracle or anything special to prove it.  He just knew.  Sure enough, when he baptized Jesus, the heavens opened up and God said, “This is my son.”  Flash forward to John in prison.  He’s feeling unsure of things.  After all, didn’t Jesus come to release us from our chains?  When John’s disciples arrive and ask Jesus if He is really the One, Jesus does signs and wonders.  Jesus turns John’s eyes from what He is not doing (breaking John out of prison) to what He is doing (miracles, signs, wonders, etc).  I imagine that John’s time in prison was much easier when He thought about Jesus’ miracles than when He thought of all the complaints he had.

When I find myself in a spirit of despair, as I did yesterday (just read the nasty post – Guilt 101) I need to turn my eyes from what God is not doing – allowing me to be at home with my children, etc…to what He is doing. 

What is He doing for you today?  Focus on that.