We will not hide the praises of Yahweh,

His Strength and His wondrous works,

from our children.

For He established a testimony in us

and He appointed a teaching for our children.

That they might come to know Him.

And they will arise and tell their children…

Psalm 78:4-7

It was a gloriously hot day in June.  I parked my car in the lot across from Steak ‘n Shake, a sit-down classic style burger chain.  I swung the black apron over my head and walked into work.  I sighed as I thought of the two months remaining before I headed to college.  I walked back to the breakroom to put my things away.  I couldn’t help groaning at how busy the restaurant was.  When I came out I had six tables waiting to give orders. 

The next eight hours were a blur.  At midnight things finally settled down.  A bald guy with a go-tee style beard sat at a booth right outside the server station. 

I walked past him several times, thinking that his waitress was taking forever.  Finally, I offered him something to drink.  He smiled and gave his order of coffee with lots of cream and sugar.  He winked at me.  Not one of those bizarre winks that creepy men give waitresses.  The kind that said he appreciated me going the extra mile. 

As I walked to get his coffee, I stopped. 

My name is Ashley.  What’s your’s?

He really smirked then. 

Jesse.  I’m kind of a regular here.

Which explained why the other waitresses just ignored him, but not why he felt eerily familiar.  After all, I had only been working there a few days.

When I returned, a friend had joined him.  They were talking about church.  I smiled. 


At 2 am, I got off work and sat down next to him.  We talked about God for three hours.  At 5 am, I tore myself away. 

Pulling into the parking lot at my folks apartment, I braced myself for the barrage my mother would give about getting home so late.  Quietly, I unlocked the door.  She was asleep on the couch.  As I tip-toed to my room, I looked back and saw her smile with her eyes closed.  Not angry at all, I thought…

On a hot day in august, two years later, that bald customer became my husband. 

Jesse Caleb Kaylor – Gift of the Heart

 Upright, Faith-Full, Steadfast, Creative, Strong

Six months later, we were completely shocked (and immensely excited) to discover that I was pregnant.  After a nerve-racking, emergency delivery – we gifted with the most breathtaking young lady. 

Arianna Giselle Kaylor – Holy Song of Promise

Vibrant, Creative, Expressive, Passionate

Just before our little princess turned one, we discovered that I was, yet again, pregnant.  I knew from that first moment that it was a boy.  Throughout my pregnancy, I felt this sense of boldness and strength – confidence.  Sure enough, Evan arrived and was the most peaceful little man in the nursery from day 1. 

Evan Michael Kaylor – God is Good. Who is like God?

Unintimidated, Peaceful, Strong, Entertainer

And along came Tessa.  Ready to take on the world.  She is every bit the third child – determined to run alongside the older ones.

Tessa Evangeline Kaylor – Harvester of Good News

Wise, Determined, Mischevious, Joyful

I guess the only  person I haven’t covered is myself.  I’ll save most of that for another day.  Until then…



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